The Best Man

by Gore Vidal, directed by Chris Foster

October 17, 18, 19, 2008 (Fri.-Sun.) Set in a political convention in the 1960s, this witty drama resounds as powerfully today as it did some 40 years ago. William Russell, the ex-Secretary of State, is a wit and a scholar with high liberal principals. Joseph Cantwell, a ruthless and hard driving young man is a dirty fighter who will let no scruples stand in his way. And Arthur Hockstader, an ex-president who loves a rough-and-tumble battle more than a principled one, is determined to have the final say in his party’s selection. Cantwell has obtained information indicating that his rival once suffered a mental breakdown, which he's all set to use. Then the scrupulous Russell comes across some incriminating evidence about Cantwell, which he is reluctant to use. This provides the framework for Vidal’s characteristic spirited language, humor and sophistication.

Steamer No. 10 Theatre, 500 Western Ave, Albany, NY.
Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3:00 PM.
(Audience discussion with the director follows the Saturday matinee.)