About Theater Voices

Theater Voices presents both new and classic works with the specific goal of emphasizing the richness of the playwright’s language. Each of its four yearly productions is a fully-rehearsed staged reading, performed with scripts in hand, utilizing only minimal scenery and black-and-white performance clothes. The very simplicity of this format yields a happy result: an emphasis on the words by which the characters reveal themselves as the plot unfolds.

Each production is given 10-12 rehearsals and presented in four performances over a single weekend. This intense, but relatively brief time commitment, enables talented but busy actors and directors to participate. The audiences benefit by seeing plays that they might not otherwise encounter.

Since its inception in 1989, Theater Voices has refined its aesthetic approach, discovering the most effective ways to illuminate the text while de-emphasizing the technical aspects of production. Along the way, the theater has attracted a loyal, enthusiastic audience, many of whom return season after season, offering glowing feedback and encouragement.

Financial support for production expenses--rent, royalties, and publicity--comes from audience and community contributions, as well as government grants. The efforts of all who participate in Theater Voices are donated and there is no paid staff. Performances are presented admission-free at Steamer No. 10 Theatre, 500 Western Avenue, Albany.