Upcoming Auditions

Please check back for a listing of our upcoming auditions.

Theater Voices will hold auditions for a staged reading of RX by Kate Fodor, directed by Yvonne Perry.

Steamer No. 10 Theatre, 500 Western Avenue, Albany - corner of West Lawrence Street.
Sunday, August 27, from 7pm-9pm
Monday, August 28, from 7pm-9pm
Please arrive either night by 7 pm, and be prepared to stay until the end of auditions.
Audition sides from the script will be provided
Actors will be asked to read scenes from the play.
Rx is an intelligent, dark comedy about our desire to find the fix-it pill not just for any ailment –but also for any emotion that could upset us. Meena had dreams of being a poet, but somehow ended up as the Managing Editor of Piggeries, American Cattle & Swine Magazine. Desperate, she signs up for the clinical trial of a drug to treat workplace depression, where she meets Phil, the disillusioned doctor managing the study. Fodor’s sweet and pointed comedy takes a stab at Big Phama and its cynical mission to medicate the whole world for the condition of being human.
ALISON: Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive. Smart. Verbose. Logical but slick. Her smile isn’t always real. God, she loves marketing. 25-40
RICHARD: Works for an ad agency that specializes in health and wealth products. He is a salesman. And he sells. Hard. 30-50
ED: Scientist. He’s a mess. Idolizes Einstein. Probably has the same hair, too. 30-50
SIMON: Meena’a boss. Knows his stuff. Not a “complicated” guy. Actually and inexplicably likes his job. Is, in fact, rather passionate about it. And – perhaps – about Meena. 30-50
FRANCES: Talkative, lonely and sweet elderly woman. Still mourning her husband’s death 27 years earlier. Has every cause to be depressed, and she is SO ready to NOT be depressed. Her enthusiasm becomes infectious. 60-80
The roles of PHIL and MEENA have been cast.
Production Dates
- Performances of Rx will be Friday, October 13 at 8pm, Saturday, October 14 at 3 & 8pm and Sunday, October 15 at 3pm.
- There will also be an open rehearsal/performance on Saturday, October 7 at 3pm.
- Four performances at Steamer No. 10 Theatre

Contact info@theatervoices.org with questions.