Board of Directors

Theater Voices, Inc. is governed by a voluntary board of directors who serve as artistic and administrative staff. All are actively involved in the theatrical community with a mutual understanding and passion for professional quality theater. Board members are all closely involved with each production from beginning to end. Our reputation in the theater community has allowed us to draw from some of the best actors and directors in the Capital Region. To that end we are able to provide our audiences with the best possible theatrical experience at a price all can afford.

Theater Voices Board of Directors

Tony Pallone
Vice President
Dan Kelly
Howard Schaffer
Artistic Director
Eileen Schuyler
Judith Barlow
Grayce Burian
Carol Charniga
Ellen Cribbs
Krysta Dennis
Jacqueline Donnaruma
Diaka Kaba Hill
Debra Plaskin
John Quinan
John Romeo
Don Paul Shannon